The Doug Mowat Memorial Golf Tournament

2007 Mowat Memorial at Point Grey Golf and Country ClubThe Doug Mowat Memorial Golf Tournament returns to Point Grey Golf & Country Club in 2014. Your participation will help to build a better future for many men, women and children with spinal cord injuries throughout BC.

In our province there are over 12,000 people living with a spinal cord injury (SCI), and each year about 500 hundred more are injured. These injuries affect every aspect of people’s lives and are permanent. Established in 1975, The BC Paraplegic Foundation (BCPF) has supported thousands of people with spinal cord injuries by supporting and working collaboratively with Spinal Cord Injury BC on many important initiatives.

The SCI BC helps people with SCI adjust, adapt and thrive by providing answers, information and community experiences. It has two core programs through which it serves the SCI community: Peer Support and Information Services.

The SCI BC Peer Program provides educational opportunities and social connections for individuals living with a SCI, their family and friends. The power behind the Peer Program is that its people with SCI helping people with SCI. Our Peer Associates are able to share their experiences, their helpful tips and information, and show people that it is possible to live a full and active life with a SCI.

SCI BC Information Services help individuals with SCI access information that is relevant to their needs. Information is accessed through the InfoLine (phone) or the SCI Information Database (web).  The information provided covered ranges from accommodation, to equipment, to transportation, to health related topics.

Your participation will support these fundamental programs as well as the BC Paraplegic Foundation bursaries to individuals with a spinal cord injury who wish to pursue post secondary education. With initiatives that build disability awareness and promote participation to build stronger communities for all, the BC Paraplegic Foundation makes an important investment every day in the future of people with disabilities.